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          Address:Huaguan Science and Technology Industrial Park, No. 1 Huaguan Road, Jinding Industrial Park, Zhuhai High-tech Zone

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          Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

          Model Type Characteristic Use Temperature Range Steady Voltage Standard Capacity File
          LSS SNAP-in type Lage Capacity,Low Impedance,long Life,85℃,2000hours -40~+85℃;-25~+85℃ 10~250;315~450 56~47000
          LHK Snap-in type High-Reliability,long life,105℃ 5000hours -40~+105℃;-25~+105℃ 250;314~450 39~1200
          LHA Snap-in type High-Reliability,105℃ 2000hours Best suited as power supply filters for sound quality priority audio equipment -40~+105℃ 16~100 470~47000
          LHS Snap-in type High-Reliability 105℃ 2000hours -40~+105℃;-25~+105℃ 16~100;160~450; 56~47000